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The Luxury DNA: The Gold Standard For Luxury Brands

Bolster Your Business Strategy + Your Life

Do you want to turn an existing product or service into a luxury offer as a way to drive sales growth and to engage with a wider range of consumers? 

Or is the product or service already particularly well-suited to mature categories where it’s more difficult to grow and get market penetration… and you need more bullet proof strategies to grow and prosper?

Or buy the manual simply to learn the luxury strategy, that is so vastly different from any other business strategy – to improve your business, brands – or simply to craft a better life for yourself … you will be surprised at how this strategy can transform a life…


Luxury elevates, it uplifts, it puts you in a higher class. It has sophistication, taste and elegance.

In ancient civilisations, Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Persians, Arabians, Japanese and Chinese… luxury items were highly revered and used as symbols of royalty, property, prestige and power.

And it’s still the same even today, just in various and countless other forms – and it will never dissipate, because luxury speaks to the very heart of human psychology.

The World Needs New Luxury Brands

More Appropriate To Current Demands And Different Cultures… 

If you are a brand owner, know that you could easily build a luxury brand (if you know how) – and if you are like everyone else, you would want to, one day, leave a legacy, a heritage, an inspiring story…

History has shown that luxury is the most resilient category during recessions and economic downturns, with recoveries that are dramatically faster and stronger than non-luxury sectors. Luxury brands, especially those highly desired and leading the market, have fared better than any other industry – even during Covid-19 … why?

Because they follow the Luxury DNA, a business strategy that creates extreme value for consumers, which in turn keeps them loyal and supportive.

Although consumers are spending less on luxury goods during and immediately after lockdown periods, brands whose products are perceived to be timeless, have not been affected as much compared to those dependent on fads and immediate trends.

Older luxury brands have more resilience, however, their offerings may become outdated and the world relies on better, different, more futuristic inspiring brand options to suit an evolving consumer. The world needs new Coco Chanels, New Tom Fords, new trends and possibilities.

This book, this guideline, can point those brands toward success and dominance, because Luxury has power!

Why You Need This

Managing a luxury brand successfully, requires clear concepts and, beyond these concepts, clear business approaches and pragmatic rules. 

The luxury industry stands out significantly from other industries. The Luxury Brand DNA and strategy, is vastly different from normal branding and managers, marketers, luxury brand owners, or startup businesses and entrepreneurs need specific skills to understand the characteristics of this ever-evolving industry and its ever-evolving target customers.

While clever marketing strategies would help brands grow in the new market, they also ran the risk of diluting themselves out of the luxury segment if they panic. 

As lower class moved up to middle class, middle class to upper class, upper to HNWI class and then up to the UHNWI – the ultra rich, at some point a brand will be outmatched, meaning, a luxury good may become a normal good, considered merely as a necessity in their upmarket lifestyle, or even seen as an inferior good for someone climbing the wealth ladder higher and higher, able to afford more and better at a different higher income level, and therefore demanding even better quality products and services.

For instance if a wealthy person gets wealthy enough, they may stop buying increasing numbers of luxury cars in order to start collecting airplanes or yachts (because at higher income levels, the luxury car would become an inferior good).

So a luxury brand has many things to consider…. one how to keep the allure for a consumer who is getting richer and richer.

The manual places readers at the intersection of luxury and business.

And as seen from how luxury is evolving, it will show you how to capitalize on what makes a luxury product and all these changes in luxury. It provides business and strategic knowledge combined with exposure to the luxury global sphere. 

People who regularly buy luxury items or services are smart and sophisticated. They are connoisseurs. They demand seniority, experience and expert knowledge about everything. You should know it too.

Knowing about the luxury industry and your future competitors as much as you can to serve customers best – are vital to your success. The manual helps you to be elegant, well-trained, and intelligent when interacting with customers who may become your lifelong supporters, simply because you seem authoritative on the subject, and know what you’re talking about.

Becoming part, or just learning about, one of the most exciting categories in business will change your outlook on life and automatically elevate your life.

Add this knowledge to your existing profession, as an enhancement to your career or business, or start an entirely new career or enterprise focused in this area.